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Jump to Annual salaries by year‎: The following chart reveals the evolution of the highest paid player in Major League Baseball .
"Meteoric Rise" of Baseball Salaries ... in 1914
Phillies pitcher Tug McGraw, on his plans for his $75000 salary . "I am disturbed by the apparent unwillingness of some within baseball
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NEW YORK (AP) -- The 2004 salaries for the 827 major league baseball players on opening day rosters and disabled lists. Figures were obtained by The
Baseball salaries grow, but slowly
6 Apr 2010 The average salary went up 1.8 percent to $3.3 million at the start of season, according to an analysis of rosters by The Associated Press.
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3 Mar 2010 One Response to “ Baseball Salaries 2010”. gerakis100 Says: Posted on April 3rd, 2010 at 12:44 pm. Great Move.
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5 Apr 2010 Everyone breathlessly re-published USA Today's annual salary survey, with the shocking news that the average salary is down 17 percent from
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6 Apr 2010 NEW YORK — Opening-day baseball salaries grew despite the recession, although at a slower rate than in recent years.
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5 Apr 2010 AP Analysis: MLB salaries climb slightlyNEW YORK — Opening-day baseball salaries grew despite the recession, although at a slower rate than
Major League Baseball Salaries by Baseball Almanac
USA TODAY's baseball salaries database contains year-by-year listings of salaries for Major League Baseball players on opening day rosters and disabled Year - $30 million a year - In 1990 - $137 million - Cached - Similar Opening Day payroll - Baseball 1995 season, 1994 season, 1993 season, 1992 season, 1991 season, 1990 season, 1989 season, 1988 season. Sort by: Median salary . Total payroll
Joe Mauer and measuring baseball salaries , then vs. now | Echronicles
A chart of total and average salaries for all 30 Major League Baseball teams for 2010.
The Left Coaster: Wall Street Bonuses Are Like Baseball Salaries
9 Apr 2010 Both team and individual player salaries , as published by USA Today. I always peruse this for entirely too long (3 hours),
Baseball salaries , list
12 Feb 2010 Wall Street Bonuses Are Like Baseball Salaries . by paradox. Such was the intellectual, economic and political face splat from the Harvard
Cot's Baseball Contracts
8 Apr 2010 I had a little discussion with some friends about the salaries in Major League Baseball and the disparity in team payrolls.
AP Analysis: Baseball salaries up slightly despite recession and a
MLB Salaries , MLB Salaries . Player Salaries [+]. NBA [+]. 2009-10 NBA Player Salaries · NBA Salary Cap. NHL [+]. 2009-10 NHL Player Salaries . MLB [+]
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Baseball Almanac is pleased to present an eye-opening chart of Major League baseball salaries — including in red the minimum wage set forth by the Major


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