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Dream interpretation: the meaning of a Baseball Bat . Find our what is the meaning of dreaming about Baseball Bat .
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Detailed dream interpretation … If you actually have a conflict with the person that is chasing you then .... If you dream of being followed by a bat (animal) or someone with a baseball bat then this is in connection with your love life.
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Dreaming of a baseball bat is simply a representation of how you achieve things in life, brute force or negotiations, depending on the state of the bat.
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1. strike with, or as if with a baseball bat ; "bat the ball" Dream Dictionary . Awful is the fate of the unfortunate dreamer of this ugly animal.
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baseball bat - To see or hold a baseball bat in your dream , represents your motivating and driving forces. The dream may also be a pun on an.
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17 Apr 2007 < Dream Dictionary . Jump to: navigation, search ..... To see or hold a baseball bat in your dream, represents your motivating and driving
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Dream Symbol,AZ Dream Interpretations Dictionary , Letter C, FREE Dream Dictionaries,Interpret Dreams Baseball Bat , represents your drive and motivation.
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What does a dream about baseball bat mean? Find out Baseball Bat dreams meaning with our dream dictionary and free dream interpretation.
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dream dictionary , dream meanings , dream glossary, interpret dreams, A ( cricket or baseball ) bat in your dream symbolizes male sexual energy.
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16 Jan 2006 When you are viewing or holding a baseball bat in a dream, Additional dream interpretations below include: Golf: Indulgence
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Eric Ackroyd's 'A Dictionary of Dream Symbols' A Dictionary of .... A baseball bat may symbolize male sexuality or aggressiveness. Dreaming of a vampire bat
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A baseball bat could represent male symbols and the ballpark could represent Request a new symbol for future inclusion in our dream dictionary here.
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Dream Dictionary Main Page | Suggest a New Word To dream about a baseball bat foretells success in love, but only after annoying delays.
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Dream Central's Dream Dictionary . Dream symbols beginning with the letter B. If you dream you are playing the game of baseball you will find contentment follows the dream of the bat , often it is the death of a child, or a youth.


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